infinity belt

Infinity Belt Black

The InfinityBelt is an exceptional product designed specifically with women in mind. The smooth and sleek InfinityBelt does everything your regular belt is designed to do, but better! The clasp is flat and undetectable... no bulging, no bulk! It's all the belt, without the buckle! The belt itself is made of a specially chosen material, with just the right amount of stretch for your comfort and support for your security. It's so easy and comfortable to wear, you'll forget you even have it on. Why is the InfinityBelt perfect for you? Great for travel; there's no need to remove it at airport security Leave the belt fastened when you use the restroom; it'll just slide down and up with your pants No more hitching up your pants No more buckle bulge No more panty peek No more pokey button tab Machine washable and dryable Self-adjusting; great for people with metal allergies - no metal is exposed to the skin When choosing your InfinityBelt size, please keep in mind the InfinityBelt is made of a soft, durable elastic material. There is a certain amount of stretch that should be taken into consideration.

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